Manufacturing Facility

  • Five highly sophisticated PLC Extrusion Press of 600MT, 900MT & 1600MT Capacity.
  • Smart temperature controlled hot log shear synchronized with press to feed the required billet size automatically.
  • Extrusion press is equipped with automatic puller.
  • A conveyor handling system operated in conjunction with puller and Press totally eliminates manual handling, resulting in totally scratch free and flawless product.
  • The profile is cut into required lengths by a finished saw cut which has an auto length setting gauge giving perfect length.
  • We have an axial thyristor control ageing oven which provides uniform hardness through the length of the profiles.
  • These Extrusion Presses along with finest handling equipments proves to be one of the best facilities of Aluminium Extrusion Plants in India.
  • Foundry is equipped with imported hot top casting machine for producing best quality billets.
  • The dies used which are manufactured by using best quality imported steel from Germany & Japan. The machinery used to manufacture dies comprises of CNC EDM, CNC Milling & CNC wire cut.
  • All dies are nitraded in gas nitrading furnace to improve the hardness of the dies to provide better surface finish of the extruded profiles.

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